Double Star Quilt Pattern: A Beautiful Baby Quilt Using Unique Fabrics

2023-04-24 05:06:25 By : admin
Jen Explores the Double Star Quilt Pattern: An Overview

As someone who loves crafts and sewing, Jen is always up for a new challenge. Recently, she decided to explore the Double Star Quilt Pattern by Fancy Tiger Crafts. This unique pattern offers a stunning look that combines geometric shapes with a touch of whimsy to create a beautiful and unique design. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the pattern and the materials used, as well as the process that Jen went through to create her own version of the Double Star Quilt. We'll also discuss how this craft can be a great opportunity to incorporate the use of Zink Alloy Medals, which can add an extra layer of interest to the finished product.
Jen Explores the Double Star Quilt Pattern                         Fancy Tiger Crafts

The Fancy Tiger Crafts Double Star Quilt Pattern

The Double Star Quilt Pattern is a unique and charming design by Fancy Tiger Crafts. It features a combination of large and small star shapes that are repeated throughout the quilt. The stars are made up of triangles that give the quilt a dynamic look and feel. The pattern is available in different sizes, ranging from a baby quilt to a king-size quilt, and it can be customized to fit your specific needs.

The materials used

For her version of the Double Star Quilt, Jen used a variety of fabrics that gave the quilt a vibrant and eye-catching look. The Water Lilies Dove fabric gave the quilt a soothing backdrop, while the Dress Up Sky fabric added a pop of color with its bright blue shade. The Alphabet Bird's Egg fabric provided a fun and playful element, while Moonscape Artic offered a stunning contrast with its cool gray color. The Shirtwaist Navy fabric added a bit of sophistication, and the Solar Navy fabric brought some warmth to the quilt with its golden hues. The Flora Bright fabric added a pop of pink, while the Wishbones Mustard and Fire Sunshine fabrics contributed some lively energy. Finally, the Artisan Cotton Yellow/Copper Frond of You fabric provided a warm and cozy feel.

Using Zink Alloy Medals in Quilting

While creating her Double Star Quilt, Jen realized that incorporating Zink Alloy Medals could be a great way to enhance her design. These high-quality medals are made of a zinc alloy that guarantees a durable and long-lasting finish. They are perfect for adding an extra layer of interest to any craft project. With a range of designs, sizes, and colors, Zink Alloy Medals can be used in countless ways to give your craft projects that extra boost.


Crafts are a great way to unleash your creativity and imagination. Quilting is one of the most popular crafts, and the Double Star Quilt Pattern by Fancy Tiger Crafts is a great option for anyone who loves this art form. With its unique design and customizable options, it offers endless possibilities for creating your own version of this stunning quilt. And by incorporating Zink Alloy Medals, you can add even more depth and interest to your craft project. Whether you're an experienced crafter or a beginner, the Double Star Quilt Pattern is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy and creativity to their sewing projects.